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40 year anniversary
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In 2019, the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research celebrated a milestone anniversary built on the vision and work of advocates for the profession. It would not have been possible without you.

A Note from Paul Rockar
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President, Foundation for Physical Therapy Research
40 Years of our mission
In 2019, we gathered in Chicago to celebrate the milestone of our 40th anniversary. Together, we recognized 4 decades of leaders who saw the need for research and acted. Such gatherings now seem like a lifetime ago as we face very different times.

Like many, I have benefited for many years -- as a practitioner and educator -- from physical therapy research and so have our patients. Research has made us better equipped to help those who are now in dire need and those struggling to rebuild their health and mobility in this crisis.

In this year’s annual report, we would like to pause a moment to highlight the emerging investigators who give us hope for the future. We believe that Foundation funding will continue to bring light to the profession and sow the seeds for research and advancements for many years to come.

We also recognize that many in our community are facing unprecedented challenges. Our thoughts are with those who are finding their way through the loss and change of this era.

May you have good health and hope,
Transitions for 2019
Beginnings and Endings in 2019

This past year marked a milestone in more ways than one. In addition to celebrating 4 decades of making the profession stronger, the Foundation for Physical Therapy became the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research. Although this change is a symbolic new chapter in the organization's growth, FPTR's mission will remain the same. We fund research and develop researchers to optimize movement and health.

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In 2019, we became the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research. Research was always the core of our identity. Now it's part of our name. FPTR adopted a new logo and website in conjunction with this change.

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Our community helped send off our final PT Party in style at the 40th anniversary PT Party held during APTA NEXT in Chicago. PT Pintcast’s Jimmy McKay emcee'd and donors raised $40,000 for research on site.

Funding Overview
Our 2019 FUNDING
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Scholarships and Fellowships
In 2019, we awarded $310,000 in scholarships and fellowship funds.
FPTR awards PODS I Scholarships of $7,500 each year to physical therapists or physical therapist assistants who have completed at least two full semesters or three full quarters of their coursework toward a postprofessional doctoral degree. PODS II Scholarships of up to $15,000 each are also awarded annually to physical therapists or physical therapist assistants who have been formally admitted to postprofessional doctoral candidacy. The NIFTI supports postprofessional, doctorally prepared physical therapists as they begin their research careers.
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Smita Rao, PT, PhD
$240,000 Goergeny High Impact Research Grant
“Targeting hyaluronan accumulation through exercise in T2DM”
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Saurabh Mehta, PT, MSc, PhD
$40,000 VCU-Marquette Challenge Research Grant
“A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial to Assess the Implementation and Outcomes of GLA:D Program in West Virginians Suffering from the Osteoarthritis of the Knee”
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Aliza Rudavsky, DPT, PhD
$40,000 Pelvic Health Research Grant
“Concurrent Validity of Novel Transabdominal Pelvic Floor Ultrasound during Glottis Tasks”
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Alyssa LaForme Fiss, MPT, PhD
$40,000 Pediatric Research Grant
“Estimation of Intervention Effectiveness to Improve Adaptive Behavior in Infants With Cerebral Palsy”
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Cristine Agresta, MPT, PhD
$100,000 Magistro Family Foundation Grant
“The Effectiveness of Blood Flow Restriction to Increase Function Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial”
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Jason Falvey, DPT, PhD
$40,000 Health Services Research Pipeline Grant
“Impact of Rehabilitation on Functional Recovery and Readmissions for Older ICU Survivors”
2019 New Investigator Fellowship Training Initiative (NIFTI)
The NIFTI supports postprofessional, doctorally prepared physical therapists as they begin their research careers.
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Brian Loyd, PT, DPT, PhD

The $100,000 NIFTI was awarded to Brian A. Loyd, PT, DPT, PhD of the University of Utah. His fellowship will include research training entitled “Distinguishing Community-Based Performance from Laboratory and Clinical Assessments of Gaze and Postural Stability in Unilateral Vestibular Hypofunction.”

Marquette Challenge
Students Give Forward
2018-2019 Pitt-Marquette Challenge raises $266,019 for physical therapy research

Physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students from more than 150 schools joined forces to raise $266,019 for physical therapy research. Now in its 31st year, the annual Marquette Challenge is a student-led fundraiser to benefit the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research. Students hold hundreds of events and fundraisers to give forward to their future profession.

The top 3 fundraising schools for the 2018-2019 Pitt-Marquette Challenge were Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Delaware. Marquette University students also raised $25,000. The top fundraising school earns naming rights as the cohost for the next year's challenge.

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Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Earns Naming rights

Student coordinators met with Eric Anson, PT, MPT, PhD, the recipient of the $40,000 Pitt-Marquette Research Grant, at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting.

Marquette Challenge
Center on Health Services Training and research (CoHSTAR)
In 2019, FPTR extended funding for the one-of-its-kind multi-institutional center

Established in 2015 with a lead donation from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and gifts from more than 150 generous donors, CoHSTAR is yielding remarkable results. CoHSTAR fellows have authored nearly 100 research publications and presented more than 120 abstracts. CoHSTAR has also funded 14 pilot studies. Additionally, CoHSTAR's implementation science institutes convene leaders in the field.

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CoHSTAR's postdoctoral and faculty fellowships bridge the gap between PhD completion and successful indendent investigators.

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Trustee Terry Brown discusses the importance of health services research in payment and in practice.

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Thanks to donors like you and careful stewardship, we were able to continue making the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research stronger in 2020. For a complete financial statement, follow the link below.

In 2019, we awarded $620,000 in research grants and $310,000 in scholarships and fellowships.


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A Note from Paul Rockar
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Marsha E Melnick
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Steve and Lois Wolf
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Barbara Connolly
The Foundation’s Legacy Society is a group of supporters who have left FPTR in their will or made estate plans that include a future gift.

Anonymous (12)
John and Rhonda Barr
Nancy and Fred Byl
Susan C. Clinton
Kent and Merle Culley
Pamela A. Duffy
Jill A. Floberg
Marilyn Gerhard
Roger A. Herr
Bette C. Horstman
Loretta Knutson and Gary Soderberg
Irene R. McEwen
James and Ardis McKillip
Susan L. Michlovitz
Marilyn Moffat
Jacqueline Montgomery
Janet M. Peterson
Dorothy Pinkston
Paul and Judith Rockar
Randy Roesch
Katherine A. Stemm
Brad A. Thuringer
Pat A. Traynor
Michael Weinper
Francis J. Welk
Steven and Lois Wolf
The Magistro Society is FPTR's way to acknowledge couples or individuals whose combined personal, or cumulative giving has reached $5,000 or more

The John W. and Rosemary K. Brown Family Foundation
Nancy and Fred Byl
John and Amy Childs
Barbara H. Connolly
Rebecca L. Craik
W. James Downs, Jr.
Neva F. Greenwald
A. Joy Huss†
Magistro Family Foundation
Marilyn Moffat
NY Society for Continuing Education in Physical Therapy, Inc
Stanley Paris and Catherine E. Patla
St. John Family Foundation
Steven H. Tepper and Linda Paferi
Patricia A. Traynor
Beth Whitehead

Academy of Physical Therapy Education, Inc.
American Physical Therapy Association

$50,000 - $99,999

A. Joy Huss†
NY Society for Continuing Education in Physical Therapy, Inc

$25,000 - $49,999

Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy
American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists
Neva F. Greenwald
Magistro Family Foundation
Marquette University
Steven H. Tepper and Linda Paferi
Virginia Commonwealth University

$10,000 - $24,999

Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy
Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy
The John W. and Rosemary K. Brown Family Foundation
California Physical Therapy Association
California Physical Therapy Fund
W. James Downs, Jr.
Fox Rehabilitation

$10,000 - $24,999

Marilyn Moffat
New York University
Oregon Physical Therapy Association
Sacred Heart University
St. John Family Foundation
Tri W-G, Inc.
University of Delaware
University of Miami
University of Pittsburgh

$5,000 - $9,999

American Council of Academic Physical Therapy
Boston University
Nancy and Fred Byl
John and Amy Childs
Barbara H. Connolly
Rebecca L. Craik
Emory University
Florida Physical Therapy Association
Northwestern University
Ohio Physical Therapy Association
The Ohio State University
Private Practice Section
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Tennessee Physical Therapy Association
Patricia A. Traynor
The University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Colorado
University of Southern California
Washington University in St. Louis
Beth Whitehead

$1,000 - $4,999

Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy
Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy
Steven W. Allred
Stephen E. Anderson
Arcadia University
Armedica Manufacturing Corporation
Robert E. Ayers
Claire E. Beekman
Andrea L. Behrman
Laurence N. Benz
Stuart A. Binder-Macleod
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.
Joanell A. Bohmert
Bill and Jill Boissonnault
Drew G. Bossen
David A. Brown
Terence C. Brown
Suzann K. Campbell
Cedaron Medical, Inc.
Monica A. Chase
Steven B. Chesbro
Maryann F. Clark
Lynn A. Colby
Carolyn A. Crutchfield
Mark S. De Carlo
Anthony and Ronna Delitto
Destination DC
Thomas DiAngelis and Jeanine Gunn
Joseph M. Donnelly
Sharon L. Dunn
East Tennessee State University
David M. Esack
Evidence in Motion, LLC
Joe and Edie Farrell
Duane† and Sandie Fast
Helene and Tim Fearon
Martha J. Ferretti
Edelle C. Field-Fote
Mark A. Figueroa
Bridgit A. Finley
Timothy W. and Susan C. Flynn
Julie M. Fritz
Jody S. Frost
John A. Gallucci
GEICO Direct
The George Washington University
Marilyn Gerhard
Julie Getz
JoAnne K. Gronley
Ann C. Grove
Marc Guillet
Lisa Haas
Laurita M. Hack and John C. Hershey
Renee M. Halfhill
Mary Jane Harris
Robert G. Hauge
Connie D. Hauser
$1,000 - $4,999

Michael P. Herbert
Susan J. Herdman
Roger A. Herr
Dwayne Hofstatter
Justin A. Hoover
Bette C. Horstman
Matthew and Nanette Hyland
Indiana University
Infant Motor Performance Scales, LLC
James and Patricia Irrgang
Heather R. Jennings
Gail M. Jensen
Alan M. Jette
Dianne and Darl Jewell
Kitsap Physical Therapy & Sports Clinics
Brian B. Lambert
Carole B. Lewis
Wen K. Ling
Kathleen K. Mairella
Charles L. Martin, Jr. and Carol Martin
Maryville University of Saint Louis
Mayo School of Health Sciences
Brian McCluskey
Peter J. McMenamin
MCPHS University
Lori and Matthew K. Walsworth
Susan L. Michlovitz
Midwestern University - Downers Grove
John and Joyce Miller
Justin Moore
Sheila K. Nicholson†
Arthur J. Nitz
Terrence M. Nordstrom
Oklahoma Physical Therapy Association
Jeffrey Ostrowski
Shreedevi K. Pandya
Parker Laboratories
Anne Pascasio
Carolynn Patten
Janet M. Peterson
Stuart H. Platt
Private Practice Special Interest Group- Washington
Elizabeth J. Protas
William S. Quillen
Richard W. Rausch
Nancy B. Reese
Regis University
Linda J. Resnik
Michael R. Riley
Jeffery R. Robinson
Rock Valley Physical Therapy
Paul and Judith Rockar
Donna J. Rodriguez
Jeff W. Ryg
Shirley A. Sahrmann
Saint Louis University
Lisa K. Saladin
Timothy M. Schell
Sheila M. Schindler-Ivens
Beverly J. Schmoll
Cynthia K. Scott
Section on Research - APTA
Section on Women's Health - APTA
Timothy Sell
Mary S. Shall
Shenandoah University
Lynn Snyder-Mackler
Somerset Community College
SPEAR Physical Therapy, NYC
Neil I. Spielholz
Team Rehabililtation Services, LLC
Deydre S. Teyhen
Thomas Jefferson University
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Central Arkansas
The University of Iowa
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
University of Washington
UPMC Centers for Rehab Services
Utica College
Mark L. Valente
John G. Wallace, Jr.
Michael Weinper
Francis J. Welk
Western University of Health Sciences
William Carey University
Steven and Lois Wolf
Wyoming Physical Therapy Association
Youngstown State University
Joan M. Yue
Louise D. Yurko

$500 - $999

Susan A. Appling
Kristin Archer
Michael B. Arnall
Linda E. Arslanian
Athletico Physical Therapy
Michael J. Bade
Robert and Ann Baird
Robert C. Bartlett
Michael W. Baskin
Janet R. Bezner
Kathy J. Blair
John E. Bonaroti
Samuel M. Brown
Barbara B. Butler
Angela A. Campbell
Russell A. Certo
Paul L. Christensen
CM&F Group, Inc.
James J. Dagostino
Deirdre Daley
Diane M. Davis
Michael Davis
Jake DeNell
William H. Dimpfel
Cynthia Driskell
Pamela A. Duffy
John C. Dugan
Sally C. Edelsberg
Susan K. Effgen
Julie A. Ellis and Tom Wagner
Samuel H. Esterson
Wendy M. Featherstone
Jill A. Floberg
Stephen M. Foster
Carl A. Gargiulo
Scott H. Gelbs
Karl R. and Alice Gibson
Jay M. Goodfarb
James and Providencia Gordon
Steven T. Gough
Bette Ann Harris
Marcie Harris-Hayes
Paul A. Hildreth
Bob and Julie Ann Hill
Cheri Hodges
Kevin Hulsey
Indiana Chapter - APTA
Craig D. Johnson
Michael P. Johnson
Stephanie E. Kaplan
Victoria and William Kasserman
Richard S. Katz
Timothy L. Kauffman
Ted J. Kepros
Theodore J. Kepros
Patricia King
Gary L. Soderberg and Loretta M. Knutson
Dimitrios Kostopoulos
Robert L. Lamb
Karen L. Lemmon
George C. Louie
Lisa M. Mackell
Barbara Malm and Jason Matteo
Judith Mann
Joseph M. McCulloch
Stephen C. McDavitt
Ron L. Meade
Tsega A. Mehreteab
Linda Van Dillen and Mark Meiners
Marsha E. Melnick
Erica A. Meloe
Rodney A. Miyasaki
Michael and Monica Mueller
Nicolas and Carol Myrianthis
Sharon N. Nicholas
Joseph F. Norman
Northeastern University
Barbara J. Norton
Old Dominion University
Kenneth A. Olson
Robert J. Palisano
Stanley Paris and Catherine E. Patla
Cathy B. Parrott
Physical Therapy Association of Washington
David W. Qualls
Miriam R. Rafferty
Rehab Essentials
Jan and Robert Richardson
Kathryn E. Roach
William L. Roberts
Lisa Robertson
Ruthann Roesch
Robert H. Rowe
Babette S. Sanders
David A. Scalzitti
Jay P. Schultz
Robert A. Sellin
Charles M. Shapiro
Elaine Becker Sher
Richard W. Shutes
Simmons College
Melissa J. Simon
Mary C. Sinnott
Sue Ann Sisto
Vinod R. Sohini
Jeffrey T. Stenback
Blaine D. Stimac
Nicole L. Stout
Michael Strakal
Mike T. Studer
Susan L. Suria
Susan Ann A. Talley
William C. Temes
Tim P. Thorsen
Cheryl L. Till
Peter and Linda Towne
University of Alaska Anchorage
University of Kansas Medical Center
Jessie M. Van Swearingen
Patrick J. VanBeveren
Wade D. Vandover
R. Scott Ward
Nancy T. White
Stephen M. Wirth
Robert P. Worth
Sheree C. York
Alexander K. Yue

$250 -$499

Sandra V. Abramson
Susan S. Adler
Janet Albanese
Shannon Albanese
Gail A. Altekruse
A. J. Andersen
Elizabeth T. Atkins
Joey L. Baker
Jane S. Baldwin
Ann E. Barr-Gillespie
Carl F. Bauer
Edie K. Benner
Isabelle M. Bohman
Dorothy L. Borgmann
Susan Bravard
Lillian J. Bray
Mr. and Mrs. Randal E. Bryant
John A. Buford
Ernest A. Burch, Jr.† and Carol A. Burch
Robert J. Burger
Virginia A. Byrd
Anne H. Campbell
LeeAnne Carrothers
Eileen R. Carter
Kay Cerny
Holly Clynch
Susan Collopy
Cool Springs Physical Therapy
Dean P. Currier
Joseph H. Daly
DeSales University
Secili H. DeStefano
Anthony E. DiFilippo
Robin L. Dole
Elizabeth A. Domholdt
Janet L. Downey
Pamela W. Duncan
Ryan T. Duncan
Kim Dunleavy
Richard E. Dunn
Jamie J. Dyson
Brett L. Eberle
Michael W. Edwards
Carmen Elliott
Matt W. Elrod
Michael J. Emery
Debra L. Engel-Yakobishvili
Charles R. Felder
Bruce Filler
Sheryl D. Finucane
Beth E. Fisher
Steven W. Forbush
Doreen K. Frank
James C. Galloway
Steven Z. George
Georgia Southern University
Bernadette T. Gillick
Keri A. Gill-Smith
Glenn H. Goldfinger
Jennie K. Gregory
Wilbur R. Gregory
Susan M. Grieve
Karen M. Grimm Lucero
Geraldine M. Grzybek
Francis X. Guglielmo
Kathleen A. Haddican
Kristopher S. Heintzelman
James K. Hewson
Gregory E. Hicks
Peggy A. Hiller
Larry and Sally Ho
Steven A. Hoffman
G. Scott Hollier
HPA: The Catalyst Section of Health Policy & Administration
Bryan Hymanson
Christine Iverson
$250 -$499 (cont.)

Anne B. Jacobs
Raymond James
Emmanuel John
Heidi A. Kanealy
Joanne S. Katz
Wendy B. Katzman
Maureen K. Kavalar
Karen L. Kemmis
Colleen M. Kigin
Robert W. and Gloria A. Kilpatrick
John F. King
Jerry and Judy Klug
Grace M. Knott
Michael C. Kroke
Diana Lassen
Anna Y. Len
Cornelia Lieb-Lundell
Elaine and Paul Lonnemann
Venita and Benjamin Lovelace-Chandler
Lorna V. Luketin
Lycoming Physical Therapy, LTD.
Peggy J. Lynam
David Maley
Tara J. Manal
Dana E. Mandel
Carl J. and Kathleen K. Mangione
Victoria G. Marchese
Theresa Marko
Prudence Markos
Michael Masaracchio
Yogi S. Matharu
Patricia McAdoo
Phil W. McClure
Bart W. McDonald
Laura A. McDonough
Alison L. McKenzie
William S. Mercer
Mercy College
Susan D. Miller
Kent H. Montgomery
Jennifer L. Moore
Sandra L. Norby
Eva Norman
David Norris
Ellen O. O'Bannon
Robbie Ohashi
Carrie J. Pagliano
Gina L. Pariser
Pen & Publish, Inc.
Attilio S. Pensavalle
David W. Perry
Christopher L. Petrosino
Pearl C. Pettersen
Pima Medical Institute - Seattle
Christopher M. Powers
PT Administrative Services
Quinnipiac University
Amira E. Ranney
Karen Rasmusson
Darcy S. Reisman
Michele E. Rinn
Richard C. Ritter
Mark A. Romanick
Wendy and Aaron Romney
Lola A. S. Rosenbaum
M. Joanna Ross
E. Ann Rowe
Katherine S. Rudolph
Gretchen B. Salsich
Anita M. Santasier
Kip Schick
Susan Schiliro
Jeffrey K. Schwarz
Laurie D. Seckel
Amee L. Seitz
Seton Hall University
Lorraine Shelton-Gaines
Jennifer C. Sidelinker
Paulette Simpson
David R. Sinacore
Barbara K. Smith
James M. Smith
Patrick J. Sparto
Dennis Spillane
Springfield College
St. Ambrose University
Jennifer E. Stevens-Lapsley
Jill C. Stewart
Carol M. Stillman
Judith Stitley
Ellen Strunk
Temple University
Brad A. Thuringer
Carol-Jo Tichenor
TMS Physical Therapy, P.C.
University of Findlay
University of Florida
University of Kentucky
University of Minnesota
University of Nebraska Medical Center
University of South Dakota
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Samuel R. Ward
Stuart Warden
Selden D. Wasson
Paul Welk
Marian Westerhuis
Mary Ann Wharton
Pamela S. White
Anne K. Whitis
Jason M. Wilken
Carolee J. Winstein and Kip S. Thorne
Daniel L. Wyand
Nancy L. Young
Catherine J. Zarosinski

$100 - $249

1st Choice PT, LLC
Salvador I. L. Abiera, III
Susan C. Abis
Karen E. Abraham
Karen D. Abramowitz
Odessa R. Addison
Christine E. Agresta
Timothy L. Ainslie
Jeffrey B. Alava
Stacey A. Alberts
Joseph S. Albright
Lori P. Alexander
Theresa M. Alt
Sherri L. Alvarez
Kenneth R. Amsler
Kathleen M. Anderson
Mark A. Anderson
Nancy B. Avena
Karen H. Axley
Cathy L. Babiak
Cheryl Babin
Suzanne B. Rothbart
Donna B. Bainbridge
Christine P. Baker
Robert D. Baker
Sharon L. Banken
John O. and Rhonda N. Barr
Ronald D. V. Barredo
Debra Barrett
Jacqueline Barry
Marlene Basiago
Michele M. Basso
Joseph Baumgaertner and Elise Magistro
Marcie Becker
Jennifer Becnel-Guzzo
Karen E. Beernink
James G. Bennett
John J. Bennett
Patricia A. Benz
Giovanni Berardi
Philip W. Bergold
Penny Bernard-Schaber
Anthony J. Bianco
Sherry S. Bicak
Elizabeth E. Black
Joe Black
Lisa Black
Marghuretta D. Bland
Susan B. Blankers
Eleanor C. Blanton
Blink Fitness
Carolyn L. Bloom
Nancy J. Bloom
Body Rebuilders
Dawn N. Bookshar
Michael R. Borich
Alexandra L. Borstad
Dale L. Botsford
Troy J. Bourgeois
Donna M. Bowers
Lucy M. Brandon
Briar Cliff University
Patricia D. Brick
Janis E. Bright
Lori T. Brody
Thomas Brown
Dawn Brown-Cross
Cindy I. Buchanan
Wade D. Burgess
Tamara L. Burlis
Ron Burns
Katie A. Butera
John P. Byrne
James R. Carey
Constance E. Carlson
Victoria L. Carpenter
Dawn Castel
Janice E. Chamberlain
Sonja A. Chandler
Alison Chang
Asit Chopra
William J. Cioffredi
Daniel and Cathy Ciolek
Debra S. Clark
Susan Clarke
Clarkson College
Rebecca L. Clearwater
George B. Coggeshall and Julie A. Starr
Meryl I. Cohen
Karen Coker
William J. Condon, Jr.
Jamie R. Conliffe
Chad E. Cook
$100 - $249 (cont.)

Craig R. Cooper and Miriam Cortez-Cooper
Kenneth J. Harwood and Ellen Costello-Harwood
Carolyn Cotter
J. Kyle Covington
Janet K. Crandall
Catherine E. Crandell
Creighton University
Michelle G. Criss
Jeremy B. Crow
Kent Culley
Daemen College
Mary A. Daley
Alice M. Davis
Carol M. Davis
Irene Davis
Sandra B. Davis
Virginia B. Davis
Maricel C. De Vera
Maricel De Vera
Lisa R. Dehner
John G. Delamatre
Enrico M. Dellagatta
Stephanie L. Di Stasi
Linda H. Dieffenbach
Carolyn B. Dolan
Eva Donley
Brenda Dorman
Megan Douglas
Joan A. Drevins
Drexel University
Jodi L. Dura
Steven Durning
Janet K. Duttarer
Dwyer Family Fund
Linda K. Eargle
Gammon M. Earhart
Barbara L. Edmison
Terrie S. Egenberger
Mike Eisenhart
Reid P. Elam
Robyn Watson Ellerbe
Corinne T. Ellingham
Justin Elliott
Elon University
Robert and Mary English
Carol L. Enkoji
Debbie D. Espy
Pamela J. Evans
Mary Ellen Ewanowski
Carolyn W. Fagan
Jeffrey Faulk, Jr.
Feder Navazesh Family Trust
Samuel B. Feitelberg
Dennis W. Fell
Joann C. Ferrara
David C. Finch
Claudette Finley
Lisa M. Finnegan
G. Kelley and Lynn M. Fitzgerald
Robert B. Fleming, Jr.
Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University
Richard Fortinsky
Eileen M. Fowler
Ethel M. Frese
Mandy Frohlich
Donna Frownfelter
Donna K. Fry
Jennifer A. Furze
Kristina W. Ganter
June B. Garber
Linda F. Gaspard-Berry
Meryl R. Gersh
Linda Gilham
Cheryl A. Gillespie
Barbara L. Gillson
Mary A. Gingerich
Carol A. Giuliani
Peggy B. Gleeson
Alvin R. Goldman
Robert J. Goldstein
Isel M. Gonzalez
Barbara J. Gould
W. Grady
Kathleen J. Graham
Patrick and Susan Graham
Julie Granger
David L. Graziano
David G. Greathouse
Susan R. Griffin
Cynthia F. Gunn
Jean M. Hammill
Steve S. Hammons
Thomas A. Hampel
Kimberly L. Hanlon
Marilyn S. Hargrove
Tracie Harris
Jamie L. Hart
Gregory W. Hartley
Linda S. Hawk
Karen W. Hayes
Margo J. Hayes
Sherrill H. Hayes
Belinda Hays
Hazard Comm & Tech College/Southeast Kentucky Comm & Tech
Lois D. Hedman
Lisa Heldt
James B. Henson
Julie A. Hershberg
Katherine Hershman
Patricia O. Hokama
Alice J. Holinger
William Hollinger
Allen L. Holm
Richard L. Holzworth
Brian W. Hopkins
Helen H. Host
Donald A. Houck, Jr.
Montez Howard
Alana H. Howey
Ellen Nona Hoyven
Margaret C. Hubbuch
Catherine J. Hughes
Louis N. Iannuzzi
Deborah Ingram
Jean M. Irion
Minnie Jan
Walter L. Jenkins
Jayne R. Jermier
Stephen D. Jernigan
Diane U. Jette
Judith K. Jicinsky
Marie A. Johanson
David E. Johnson
Holly L. Johnson
Marilyn S. Johnson
Norman L. Johnson
Beth-Anne M. Jones
Gloria A. Jorgensen
Sandra R. Jungwirth
Jane S. Kalin
Theodore P. Kamp
Shailesh Kantak
Sandra L. Kaplan
Joy R. Karges
Deborah Kartin
Richard J. Kasser
Lisa Katzman
Deborah A. Kegelmeyer
Keiser University - Ft Lauderdale
Marie A. K. Kelly
Fran Kern
Denise Kinlaw
Kaitlin M. Kirker
Brooke N. Klatt
Anne and Bob Kloos
William H. Koch, II
Hlapang T. A. Kolobe
Cathy J. Konkler
Laurie Kontney
Craig J. Kopet
Judith E. Kotler
John Kowalski
Russell R. Kreider
Lap C. Ku
Janna Kucharski-Howard
Margaret Kuhajek
Laura LaBranche
Stephen P. Lahr
Michael P. LaMothe
Catherine E. Lang
Deborah S. Larsen
Matthew Lee
Kristine S. Legters
Rebecca H. Leonard
Andrew Lesher
Pamela K. Levangie
Don Levine
Jodi Liphart
Louisiana State Univ. Health Sciences Center New Orleans
Adriaan Louw
Lynne M. Lowe
Joseph A. Lucca
Paula M. Ludewig
Michelle M. Lusardi
Kathryn M. Lyons
Betty S. MacNeill
Jay Magaziner
Katy Neas
Judith G. Neigoff
Theresa M. Nemmers
Michael R. Newby
Roberta A. Newton
Scott Newton
Kimberly B. Notkin
Amy P. Novikoff
Gordon E. Oakes
Oakton Community College
Carol A. Oatis
Suzanne R. O'Brien
Corrie J. Odom
Michael T. O'Donnell
William H. O'Grady
Joseph A. Oliverio
Jillian R. Olson
Osptky, LLC
Michael A. Pagliarulo
Simone L. Palmer
Mike Pappas
Patrick Pasquini
Tara Pearce
$100 - $249 (cont)

John P. Mahoney
Michael J. Majsak
Philip A. Malloy
Monica Maloney-Mitros
Maple Leaf Pysical Therapy
Barbara S. Marcum
Joyce Maring
Lee Marinko
Kevin and Lei Mark
Marie S. Markey
Sheryl M. Markley
Jane Maryoung
Ron C. Masri
Cameron J. Massumi
Janet A. Mastangelo
Jane S. Mathews-Gentry
Kyle A. Matsel
Michael Mattia
Thomas P. Mayhew
Brad D. McClatchey
Sarah W. McCoy
James P. McCracken
Karen L. McCulloch
William F. McGehee, Jr.
Susan M. McGinty
Linda C. McKinnon
Beth McKitrick-Bandy
Bruce McKnight
Jacob McPherson
Thomas G. McPoil, Jr.
Alan V. Meade
Janine M. Merkitch
Barbara A. Merrill
Matthew Mesibov
Ruth M. Meyer
Steven J. Michaud
Theresa H. Michel
Andrew D. Michels
Andrea Miller
Joan M. Miller
Marilyn E. Miller
Wayne M. Mills
Harry H. Mita
Susan Moore
Jean M. Mork
Elizabeth Mostrom
Sara Mulroy
Rosemary M. P. Murphy
Susan E. Murphy
Dana Muse
Steven J. Nass
Nassau Community College
Michael J. Pechulis
Angela W. Pennisi
Mary T. Perlstein
Cheryl M. Petersen
Dagnija Peterson
Ronald G. Peyton
Pamelia G. Phelps
Marilyn D. Phillips
Sherry O. Pinkstaff
Haideh V. Plock
Elizabeth M. Poppert
Anthony A. Prusa
Priscilla L. Raasch-Mason
David N. Rakita
Amir Rand
Kelley B. Randle
Mark W. Raymond
Todd Reiff
Mark E. Reitz
Cheryl D. Resnik
John R. Reuter
Scott K. Rezac
Rebecca L. Rich
Richard Holzworth
Michael V. Richardson
Randy R. Richter
Pamela C. Ridgeway
Lee C. Rielly
Maureen A. Ries
Stephanie A. Riley
Lynn C. Rivers
Gregory S. Robbins
Scott Robbins
Nancy J. Roberge
Patricia Rode
Elizabeth A. Rogers
John F. Rossi
Elizabeth Ruckert
Lynn N. Rudman
Adam P. Rufa
Joseph W. Rusinowski, Jr.
Barbara K. Sakata
Laurie Samet
Vivian Sanchez
Dorothy M. Santi
Yvonne C. Savarise
Denis P. Scaia
Sue P. Schafer
C. Raymond Schaney
Margot P. Scharpf
Margaret L. Schenkman
Edward Schiavone
Eric Schmidt
Christine T. Schneider
Darrin A. Schober
Darrin Schober
Joseph M. Schreiber and Mary Kay Walsh
Jane Schroeder
Steven W. Scoggin
Jacqueline Scully
Chris A. Sebelski
Richard L. Segal
Ben F. Massey, Jr.and Darlene K. Sekerak
Theresa B. Sepede
Judy K. Sera-Windell
Kimberly Serra
Serra Physical Therapy
Tamera C. Seymour
Wayne Shelton
Swati D. Shembde
Marlin N. Shields
Patricia G. Shields
Richard K. Shields
Theresa M. Sink
Michael Skurja, Jr.
Laurie J. Slama
Emily J. Slaven
Mary D. Slavin
Brian W. Smith
Danny D. Smith
Heather L. S. Litvinoff
Jerry A. Smith
Kimberly B. Smith
Susan S. and Larry R. Smith
Martha Sneary
Amanda T. Somers
Shawne E. Soper
Veronica N. Southard
William C. Speciale
Bryan A. Spinelli
Marcia H. Stalvey
Karen K. Standiford
Michele M. Stanley
Lynn B. Steenberg
Amy S. Stein
Kathryn B. Stenslie
Kathryn L. Steucek
Mahlon K. Stewart
Christine Stiller
Allison Y. Stowers
Robert M. Streb
Wayne A. Stuberg
Michael M. Supler
Kathleen Swanick
Julie S. Swedarsky
John Taros
Dorothy L. Tarvestad
Diane Tavares
Greg M. Taylor
Jeffrey Taylor
Chase Teagarden
Keith E. Thomas
Victoria S. T. Tilley
Claire E. Todd
Karen V. Tojay-Bellas
Kimberly S. Topp
Lissa A. Trevino
Lissa Trevino
Herman L. Triezenberg
Terry L. Trundle
Ellen B. Tschida
Helen C. Tsuda
Philip P. Tygiel
University of Cincinnati
University of North Dakota
University of St. Augustine - Texas
University of Vermont
Cheryl B. Van Demark
Linda R. Van Dillen
Arie J. Van Duijn
Matthew J. VanderKooi
Victor G. Vaughan
Martha D. Vautrain
Jean-Pierre L. Viel
Kristin Von Nieda
Audrey M. Waldron
Joan M. Walker
Dale R. Walton
Meghan Warren
Margaret M. Weightman
Sean Welch
John A. Werle
Pamela R. West
Ethan W. White
Kathleen Whooley
Dilys A. Williams
Glenn N. Williams
Marilyn W. Williams
Richard W. Willy
Sandra Wise
Patricia Wolfe
Kerry R. Wood
Victoria N. Wyder
Janet S. Mukai
Chia Hao H. Yang, PT
Gabriel E. Yankowitz
James E. Zachazewski
Hallie Zeleznik
Lois Zentner
Kathleen M. Zimmer
Kory Zimney
Cori A. Zook-arquines
Mary D. Zupkus