The Foundation’s Legacy Society is a group of supporters who have left the Foundation in their will or made estate plans that include a future gift. The Legacy Society allow those with a passion for the profession to have a lasting impact. Learn more about this opportunity at legacyfpt.org.


The Magistro Founders Society is named in recognition of the Foundation’s first president and chairman, Charles M. Magistro, to highlight the impact that vision and steadfast support can have on paving the way for future generations of investigators. Each year, the Foundation recognizes couples or individuals whose combined personal, or cumulative giving has reached $5,000 or more as members of the Magistro Founders Society. All outright contributions made to the Foundation are included in this total, regardless of the gift designation.

Society members’ demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting physical therapy research and their gifts allow the Foundation to provide funding to some of today’s brightest physical therapist investigators. We are grateful for the generosity of these donors and their continued support of our mission.


Donors who give to the President’s Sustaining Fund provide the needed resources to sustain the Foundation’s activities and rigorous scientific review process. All donors who give at the $100 or higher level receive a quarterly print newsletter. Supporters ($250-$499), Sustainer Donors ($500-$999), and President’s Circle Donors ($1,000-$4,999) are eligible for benefits including invitations to special networking events, recognition badges, and inclusion in Foundation print materials including the Annual Report. For more information about all benefits, contact Nadia Atcha at nadiaatcha@foundation4pt.org or call 800/875-1378.


  • Recognition on the Foundation’s website.
  • Recognition in print materials at the Foundation’s Donor Networking Reception at CSM and at the Foundation Awards Luncheon held at NEXT.
  • Invitation to Foundation Awards Luncheon at NEXT.
  • All of the above, plus
  • Tell your story of philanthropy through a donor blog featured on the Foundation’s website.
  • Attend an exclusive meet and greet donor reception with Foundation researchers and Board.
  • All of the above, plus
  • Meeting with Foundation-funded researcher at select conference.
  • All of the above, plus
  • See first-hand how your donation supports PT researchers in the lab (subject to availability in your area and upon request).
  • Prominent donor name recognition throughout the year in various publications.
  • Invite to private briefing with a Foundation Trustee.
  • All of the above, plus
  • Private lunch with President and Chief Executive Officer.
  • Become eligible for recognition as a Spirit of Philanthropy Service Award Recipient

Donors who contribute at any of the monetary levels listed above regardless of the project being supported will receive the donor benefits outlined above for their specific level of giving.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Erica Sadiq, Director of Development, at 703/706-8595 or ericasadiq@foundation4pt.org.

Our Legacy Society

Anonymous (12)

John and Rhonda Barr

Nancy and Fred Byl

Susan C. Clinton

Kent and Merle Culley

Pamela A. Duffy

Jill A. Floberg

Marilyn Gerhard

Roger A. Herr

Bette C. Horstman

Loretta Knutson and Gary Soderberg

Irene R. McEwen

James and Ardis McKillip

Susan L. Michlovitz

Marilyn Moffat

Jacqueline Montgomery

Janet M. Peterson

Dorothy Pinkston

Paul and Judith Rockar

Randy Roesch

Katherine A. Stemm

Brad A. Thuringer

Pat A. Traynor

Michael Weinper

Francis J. Welk

Steven and Lois Wolf

Our Magistro Founders Society

The John W. and Rosemary K. Brown Family Foundation

Stuart and Catriona Binder-Macleod

Nancy and Fred Byl

John and Amy Childs

Barbara H. Connolly

Rebecca L. Craik

W. James Downs, Jr.

Neva F. Greenwald

A. Joy Huss, PT*

Cathy and Jeff Konkler

Magistro Family Foundation

Irene R. McEwen

Marilyn Moffat

NY Society for Continuing Education in Physical Therapy, Inc

Stanley Paris and Catherine Patla

William S. Quillen

St. John Family Foundation

Steven H. Tepper and Linda Paferi

Patricia A. Traynor

Beth Whitehead

Marilyn J. Williams

Paul and Judith Rockar


President's Sustaining Fund

President’s Circle ($1,000 - $4,999)

Stephen E. Anderson
Rober E. Ayers
Claire E. Beekman
Laurence Benz
Bill and Jill Boissonnault
Drew G. Bossen
Terence C. Brown
Suzann K. Campbell
Monica A. Chase
Jerome B. Connolly
Carolyn A. Crutchfield
Anthony and Ronna Delitto
Sharon L. Dunn
Joseph and Edith Farrell
Helene and Tim Fearon
Edelle C. Field-Fote
Bridgit A. Finley
Timothy W. and Susan C. Flynn
Steve M. Foster
Julie M. Fritz
Jody Frost
Neva F. Greenwald
JoAnne K. Gronley
Ann C. Grove
Marc A. Guillet
Thomas DiAngelis and Jeanine Gunn
Laurita M. Hack and John C. Hershey
Kenneth J. Harwood and Ellen Costello
Connie D. Hauser
Michael and Dolores Herbert
Susan J. Herdman
Roger A. Herr
Matthew and Nanette Hyland
James J. Irrgang
Gail M. Jensen
Dianne Jewell
Wen K. Ling
Charles L. Martin, Jr. and Carol Martin
Brian McCluskey
Peter J. McMenamin
Susan L. Michlovitz
Stuart and Kathy Platt
Richard W. Rausch
Michael R. Riley
Lisa K. Saladin
Timothy M. Schell
Elaine B. Sher
Lynn Snyder-Mackler
Neil I. Spielholz
Mark L. Valente
Ann Van Sant
Michael Weinper
Francis J. Welk
Steven and Lois Wolf
Cool Springs Physical Therapy
TMS Physical Therapy

Sustainer ($500-$999)

Susan A. Appling
Robert C. Bartlett
Janet R. Bezner
Susan Bravard
Samuel M. Brown
Lynn A. Colby
Donna J. Croce
Deirdre Daley
Cynthia Driskell
Pamela A. Duffy
John C. Dugan
Sally C. Edelsberg
Eileen Greenan M. Fowler
Steven Z. George
Karl R. Gibson
Jay M. Goodfarb
James and Providencia Gordon
Susan R. Griffin
Andrew A Guccione
Jan L. Gwyer
Marcie Harris-Hayes
Paul A. Hildreth
Alan M. Jette
William and Victoria Kasserman
Aimee B. Klein
Robert L. Lamb
Brian B. Lambert
Terry Malone
Patricia McAdoo
Joseph M. McCulloch
Alison L. McKenzie
Marsha E. Melnick
Rodney A. Miyasaki
Rose Sgarlat Myers
Nicolas and Carol Myrianthis
Terrence M. Nordstrom
Joseph F. Norman
Barbara J. Norton
Chad Olivier
Robert Palisano
Roland J. Perreault
Elizabeth J. Protas
David W. Qualls
Randy Roesch
Elaine R. Rosen
Robert H. Rowe
Sandra E. Rusnak
Shirley A. Sahrmann
Babette S. Sanders
Melissa J. Simon
Jennifer E. Stevens-Lapsley
Nicole L. Stout
Mike T. Studer
William C. Temes
Kimberly S. Topp
Patrick J. Vanbeveren
Philip Vierling
R. Scott Ward
Nancy T. White

Supporter ($250 - $499)

Susan S. Adler
Mark Allen Anderson
Karen Beernink
Robert J. Burger
LeeAnne Carrothers
Zachary R. Christopherson
Rebecca L. Clearwater
Janet L. Downey
Kim Dunleavy
Jamie J. Dyson
Michael J. Emery
Debra L. Engel
Bernadette Gillick
Ira Gorman
Geraldine Grzybek
Donald E. Jackson
Anne B. Jacobs
Craig D. Johnson
Maryleen K. Jones
Maureen K. Kavalar
K. Kathleen Kelly
Karen L. Kemmis
Colleen M. Kigin
Robert W. and Gloria A. Kilpatrick
Nancy R. Kirsch
Grace M. Knott
Catherine E. Lang
Diana Lassen
Ben and Venita Lovelace-Chandler
Paula M. Ludewig
Peggy J. Lynam
Kathleen K. Mairella
Carl and Kathleen Mangione
Victoria G. Marchese
Michael Masaracchio
Alma and Richard Merians
Scott D. Minor and Mary Alice
Sandra L. Norby
Christopher M. Powers
Miriam R. Rafferty
Nancy B. Reese
John Rund
Marcus K. Schick
Laurie D. Seckel
Richard L. Segal
James M. Smith
Heather Smith Harvey
Amy Snyder
Dennis Spillane
William H. Staples
Sam R. Ward
Margaret M. Weightman
Paul J. Welk
Pamela S. White
Gabriel E. Yankowitz
Nancy L. Young
James Zachazewski
Cathy J. Zarosinski
Audrey Zucker-Levin