Since 1979, FPTR has awarded more than $22.5 million in research funding to the most promising physical therapist researchers. Even more remarkable than this major investment in research is the return. Our researchers have built on their early career funding to secure an additional $896 million in follow-on funding from major agencies including the NIH, the Department of Defense, the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, among others. In this FPTR webinar, successful leaders in research will discuss awards from the foundation that have propelled their careers forward. A member of FPTR’s Scientific Review Committee will also speak about the 11 new grants available along with highlight new items in the review process.

If you’d like to view it again, video-on-demand is now available. You can watch the webinar on either of these channels:


Meet the Speakers

Kari Dunning, PT, DPT, PhD

Kari Dunning is a professor at the University of Cincinnati. She was awarded the Magistro Family Foundation research grant in 2012. Kari was a physical therapist for 25 years, and her area of research interest is in finding optimum therapy strategies to facilitate functional recovery and neuroplasticity for persons with neurological diagnoses, primarily stroke.  As an epidemiologist, she had the wonderful opportunity to work on a variety of projects including occupational health and health services research.

Pierce Boyne, PT, DPT, PhD

Pierce Boyne is an associate professor and co-director at the University of Cincinnati Neurorecovery Laboratory and PhD Program in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. He was awarded a PODS I scholarship in 2014.