Influential Educator A. Joy Huss Passes, Leaves Legacy in Research

Huss left an investment in the profession through a $62,000 gift to the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research.

A. Joy Huss, a longtime supporter of the Foundation, etched her influence on the profession through her lifetime. Huss was a faculty member at the University of Minnesota. She was known for advocating for a neurophysiological approach to care. She received the Eleanor Clarke Slagle Award in 1976. This award is presented to members of the American Occupational Therapy Association for contributions in research, education, and clinical practice. In her Slagle lecture, she advocated that therapists develop greater awareness of their feelings while interacting with patients.

Huss became a member of the Foundation’s Legacy Society through a charitable bequest, among other gifts. She first donated to the Foundation in the early 1990’s.  Like Huss, many supporters of the Foundation choose to leave a gift to the organization in their will.

To learn how you can establish a legacy for the profession, visit or call 800/875-1378.


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