With a goal of providing stable, long-term financial resources for the Foundation as well as funding for specific areas or research, Endowment & Research Funds have been established by individuals and organizations.  An Endowment Fund is also a way to leave a legacy or to honor someone. Grants and Scholarships made possible through these funds provide financial support for the Foundation’s critical priorities.


Established to facilitate the research and evaluation of physical therapist interventions for older adults. Donate today!

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT) Endowment Fund will provide funding for grants and projects to investigate areas related to orthopedic manual physical therapy. Donate today!

Supports research topics related to the physical therapy management of cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders, including prevention, fitness and health promotion. This fund makes the Scot C. Irwin, PT, DPT, CCS scholarship possible. Donate today!

Established to provide doctoral scholarships to physical therapist researchers with priority given to those involved in Clinical Electrophysiology. Donate today!

As the founder, first chairman of the Foundation’s board, and a generous donor, Charles Magistro was intimately involved with the Foundation since its beginning. Read the tribute to his legacy to learn more about his contributions. Established in recognition of the need for clinical research relating to those services most commonly delivered by physical therapists, as determined by current practice patterns, and the development of innovative interventions that offer reasonable assurance that they will be therapeutically effective. Donate today!

Support the most pressing needs of the Foundation as defined by its mission and trustees. Donate today!

Provides funding for research in physical therapy education and for developing a new generation of physical therapy practitioners. Donate today!

Created to support the development of new interventions that will be clinically relevant and therapeutically effective. Donate today!

This endowment for Geriatric Research will fund, in perpetuity, research designed to specifically advance knowledge of physical therapy for older adults. Donate today!

The McEwen Family Fund for School-Based Physical Therapy Research will provide funding for grants and projects to investigate areas related to school-based physical therapy. Donate today!

Supports post-professional doctoral scholarships for neurology focused researchers.  This fund makes the Marylou Barnes, PT, FAPTA and Patricia Leahy, PT scholarships possible. Donate today!

Established to fund research that will supply the best evidence to enhance the diagnosis, management and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions. Donate today!

Created to provide funding for grants and projects to investigate areas related to any clinical field of physical therapy research. Donate today!

Funds emerging researchers that seek to examine one or more elements in the physical therapy patient/client management for children with developmental disabilities. Donate today!

Established to provide grants to individuals to investigate the advancement of pelvic health physical therapy through evidence-based practice that closely align with the research priorities of the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. Donate today!

Established to fund research of mutual interest to PPS and the Foundation. Donate Today! 


To learn how you can create an Endowed Fund or Research Fund to support physical therapy research today and in the future, call 800-875-1378 or email info@foundation4pt.org.

Contributions received by donors establishing new funds without a formal donor agreement with the Foundation, will also be used to support administrative fees. This amount will not exceed 15% of the amount awarded.  Administrative fees are critical to allow the Foundation to effectively manage funding programs.