Edie and Joe Farrell Support New AAOMPT Endowment Fund

Edie Farrell, PT, and Joe Farrell, PT, DPT, M App Sc, FAPTA, of Danville, California

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT) recently announced a $250,000 pledge to establish an endowment fund within the Foundation for Physical Therapy to provide funding for grants and projects to investigate areas related to musculoskeletal disorders.

As news spread, 1 couple in particular took advantage of the opportunity to help stimulate research in this field, and with no hesitation they made a $10,000 donation to the new fund.

Edie Farrell, PT, and Joe Farrell, PT, DPT, M App Sc, FAPTA, of Danville, California, knew wholeheartedly that “this was the right thing to do.” Joe is a fellow of AAOMPT.

The Farrells, both are now retired physical therapists, and are co-owners and co-founders of Redwood Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Inc. Together they have over 70 years of cumulative clinical experience.

“We are a clinical profession,” said Edie, “and what we really need is more clinical research to prove our value as physical therapists.”

AAOMPT recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and as a founding fellow and first president, Joe can attest to the growth and advancements the organization made to the profession and the field of orthopedic manual physical therapy. Regardless, both Farrells still believe that more research is needed. At the time of its inception, AAOMPT “felt that entry-level education was not preparing physical therapist graduates well enough, particularly in manual orthopedics,” Joe said. “[AAOMPT] thought we could do a better job.” Through the organization’s work over the past 25 years, the quantity and quality of orthopedic manual physical therapy fellowship and residency programs has dramatically improved.

“We have seen tremendous growth, but more research still needs to be done. By stepping forward, Edie and I hope that others will listen,” Joe said. “We hope this donation will stimulate many others in manual physical therapy and other arenas to donate as well.”

“Research is a real cornerstone of our profession,” added Edie. “With it we can prove that physical therapy is in fact a doctoring profession, and the public perception of physical therapy will be enhanced.”

You can support the AAOMPT fund by making a contribution today to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists Endowment Fund.


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