FPTR Trustee on the Power of Unrestricted Funding

FPTR Trustee, Stuart Binder-Macleod, PT, PHD, FAPTA, and Catriona Binder-Macleod, OTR, donate $50,000 to the newly created Fund for Excellence to support FPTR operations. Now, they are encouraging others to help grow the fund to $250,000 and create a steady stream of unrestricted revenue that will make room for future growth and flexibility in managing FPTR’s needs.

One challenge that many philanthropic nonprofits and charities struggle with is acquiring unrestricted funds. Simply put, unrestricted funds are donations a nonprofit may use for any purpose and in a manner the nonprofit deems necessary to further its mission.

Recently, FPTR Board of Trustee, Stuart Binder-Macleod, PT, PHD, FAPTA, and Catriona Binder-Macleod made a $50,000 donation to the newly established Fund for Excellence to help FPTR continue its mission in funding physical therapy research.  More specifically, this fund will provide an ongoing stream of unrestricted revenue to support FPTR operations.

“As a long-time member of the FPTR Board of Trustees and as a member of the Finance Committee, I have come to realize how important my yearly contribution is to the functioning of the organization,” said Binder-Macleod. “My goal is to build a fund that can be used to help support FPTR now and in perpetuity.”

Long before becoming a trustee, Binder-Macleod has been a dedicated supporter of FPTR and recipient of FPTR funding. Through their years of service – and especially after the challenges of COVID-19, the Binder-Macleod’s realized the importance of helping to create an FPTR that is flexible, adaptable, and financially stable. This culminated in establishing this fund to help move FPTR forward through unrestricted funds with their $50,000 start-up donation.

Now, the Binder-Macleod’s are calling on longstanding donors to make a similar $50,000 pledge to help expand this fund further. The goal is to see the fund grow to at least $250,000. “I hope donors join me and Catriona in making a lasting impact for the future of physical therapy research.”

“I firmly believe that this new fund has the potential to markedly reduce the yearly burden on the outstanding administrative staff and Board to secure operating funds for FPTR and will allow more of our donors’ yearly contributions to be used to support the research that moves our profession forward.”

As the only organization solely dedicated to funding research within the physical therapy profession, unrestricted giving is critical to FPTR’s success. It provides flexibility and supports multiple programs. “We all have a responsibility and opportunity to support FPTR within our financial means,” said Binder-Macleod. “Whether you make a modest yearly contribution or are able to provide stable and ongoing support, your support is essential to maintaining this vibrant and critical organization.”

If you would like to learn how you support the Fund for Excellence, please contact us. We would be happy to work with you to meet your charitable goals.

Stuart Binder-Macleod is the Edward L. Ratledge Professor Emeritus of Physical Therapy at the University of Delaware. He was the 51st recipient of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Mary McMillan Lecture Award. Binder-Macleod received an FPTR Research Grant of $50,000 in 1989. He went on to serve on the Scientific Review Committee before joining  FPTR as Trustee in 2015.


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