Foundation for Physical Therapy Research Announces 2020 Grants and Measures to Protect Long-Term Viability of Organization Amid Coronavirus Crisis

FPTR Trustees have announced that there will be no disruptions in opening the 2020 grant applications. However, they have elected to postpone releasing 3 grants originally planned for 2020. The organization plans to award over $800,000 in grant and scholarship funding in 2020.

This is a time truly unlike any other. The COVID-19 crisis has created extreme challenges for all of us in the physical therapy community, both personally and professionally. Like many nonprofits, FPTR has been affected by the current market disruptions. Further, our major fundraising efforts – the student-led Marquette Challenge and President’s Sustaining Fund – have also been disrupted with anticipated less operating funds secured. Together, these fundraising programs represent 40% of our annual development budget. FPTR is acting to ensure the strength of the organization and its mission.

With an eye towards the future, the FPTR Board of Trustees has been closely monitoring the organization’s operating and financial status and has made prudent decisions to protect the long-term viability of the organization. Trustees have made the decision to postpone releasing 3 grants originally planned for 2020. FPTR plans to award over $800k in grant and scholarship funding in 2020.

Our partners and individual donors make our research grants, scholarships, and annual fellowship possible. Current scholarship applications submitted for 2020 are under review and FPTR will accept 2020 grant applications beginning April 10, 2020. Our all-volunteer Scientific Review Committee will continue to uphold the integrity of our review process and maintain our scheduled timeline. This will ensure that there are no disruptions in accepting applications.

Important information for grant seekers and scholarship applicants:

  • FPTR will distribute all grants that have been awarded to date.
  • FPTR will award research grants, scholarships, and a fellowship in 2020.
  • The FPTR scholarship earliest notification date is June 30.
  • FPTR grant applications open on April 10, 2020. The list of grants to be offered will be available on our website.
  • As researchers face new challenges, FPTR is working with current funding recipients to adjust timelines for research that has been placed on hold.
  • For additional questions, contact Liz Jackson, Sr. Specialist, Scientific Programs.

Many of FPTR’s investments in research are made possible through endowments – the bedrock that provides funding for our grants and scholarships each year. Growth of FPTR funds depends on investment returns and individual donations and is guided by a balanced investment policy. FPTR’s spending plan balances 2 goals – providing judicious annual research funding and growing endowment balances to ensure continued research funding for years to come.

As with many nonprofits, FPTR was impacted by the volatile market and has made adjustments. However, years of support from the physical therapy community will help FPTR weather the current economic climate.

Looking Towards the Future

Now in our 4th decade, the long term health of the organization is strong thanks to individual and partner support.  The FPTR Board of Trustees will continue to steward the organization’s operational and financial assets prudently.

Current FPTR endowment funds, wise investments, partnership support, and future gifts will ensure that FPTR will fund research and researchers for many years to come. For those that are able to give to provide the funds needed during this unpredictable time, we are grateful for your continued support.

Grants that have been postponed for 2020 will be available when investment returns allow, a factor that is dependent on the success of financial markets. However, these funds will remain restricted to advance specific areas of research in the future.

To learn more about our current research grant opportunities, visit


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