Physical Therapist Jimmy McKay to Join Foundation for Physical Therapy Research Board of Trustees

The Foundation for Physical Therapy Research (FPTR), a national nonprofit that funds physical therapy research and researchers, has named Jimmy McKay, PT, DPT, to the Board of Trustees. McKay’s 3-year term begins January 1, 2021, as Stanley Paris, PT, PhD, FAPTA, HonLLD(Otago) concludes his term.

McKay – a longtime champion of the Foundation – brings a unique background to the 14-member board. McKay pivoted to a career in physical therapy after 15 years in broadcasting and marketing. While earning his physical therapy degree at Marymount University, McKay connected with FPTR as a student participant of the Marquette Challenge – an annual event in which PT and PTA students raise money for physical therapy research. Today, McKay is the host of several podcasts – including PT Pintcast – and the Director of Communications for Fox Rehabilitation. In addition to being a familiar voice to many in the physical therapy community, McKay has served as emcee for several FPTR galas.

“I’m honored to be a part of the tradition of this organization and to help in any way that I can bring us into the next centennial of physical therapy,” said McKay. “The opportunities that are in front of FPTR will be driven by Physical Therapists and Physical Therapists Assistants who are hungry for more research within the profession and implementation of research into practice, and that is the true mission behind the foundation.”

“Our work wouldn’t be possible without the active volunteers who serve on our board” said Barbara Malm, FPTR CEO. “Jimmy brings expertise and a spirit of community that is integral to our mission. We look forward to working with him as we continue to grow and meet emerging needs in the profession.”

FPTR is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization governed by a Board of Trustees. Founded in 1979, FPTR awards research grants, fellowships, and scholarships to promising physical therapist researchers. Through these investments, researchers help us learn more about the efficacy of physical therapy practices, pioneer breakthrough treatments, and build the evidence-base to define the value of physical therapy among payers, other health care professions, and patients.




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