Center on Health Services Training and Research (CoHSTAR) Fellowships Develop Successful Independent Investigators

CoHSTAR training is an investment in people that extends FPTR model of supporting doctoral trainees.

CoHSTAR’s opportunities for postdoctoral and early career faculty helps bridge the gap between PhD completion and successful independent investigators, with the target of developing health services researchers. In addition to training, CoHSTAR provides protected time to write grant applications. Consequently, 10 grants have been awarded related to CoHSTAR fellowships.

“In the year that I have been a fellow, I submitted 3 articles for publication and participated in applying for grants. But the biggest reason that CoHSTAR is such a great opportunity is that it links people that are doing similar work.”

Carmen Capó-Lugo, PT, PhD, CoHSTAR Faculty Fellow

CoHSTAR Opens Applications for 2020 Fellowship Opportunities

CoHSTAR is accepting fellowship applications for the following opportunities. Application deadline: February 15, 2020.

  • Full-time postdoctoral fellowships:
    Trainees may focus their activities on a unique research focus area or craft an individual experience that involves activities at 2 or 3 collaborating sites.
  • Part-time faculty fellowship:
    Faculty fellows will retain their faculty appointments at their home institutions while using CoHSTAR support to maximize their protected time for research activities.
  • Part-time faculty fellowship at Brooks Rehabilitation: The selected faculty fellow will retain current faculty appointments while using CoHSTAR support to maximize protected time to engage in research activities as a Brooks visiting scientist. The fellow will be paired with a CoHSTAR faculty mentor and a Brooks Rehabilitation mentoring team.
  • Postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins: This part-time fellowship provides an opportunity to work with data, administrators, researchers, and clinicians at Johns Hopkins. The focus will be on measurement of function of patients and promotion of hospital inpatients’ activity and mobility.

Visit CoHSTAR online for more information.


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