Service Awards are presented each year by the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research (FPTR) to select people and organizations. These awards recognize members of the FPTR community for their volunteerism and commitment to the physical therapy profession. They have also demonstrated unyielding support of FPTR and its mission to fund physical therapy research through generous and longstanding contributions.

The 2020 Service Award recipients are:

  • Edelle Field-Fote, PT, PhD, FAPTA, will receive the 2020 Robert C. Bartlett Trustee Recognition Service Award for her personal service and commitment as a trustee.
  • The Academy of Physical Therapy Education will receive the 2020 Premier Partner in Research Award.
  • Barbara H. Connolly, PT, DPT, EdD, FAPTA, will receive the 2020 Charles M. Magistro Distinguished Service Award – named after FPTR’s first president and chair.
  • Steve H. Tepper, PT, PhD, FAPTA, will receive the 2020 Spirit of Philanthropy Award.

“The Service Awards are the highest honor that FPTR can bestow on its supporters in recognition of their excellent service to the physical therapy profession,” said FPTR Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Malm, MBA. “The people and organizations that receive these awards embody the philanthropic spirit of giving and service to FPTR.”

In past years, recipients have been recognized during our annual Awards Luncheon held in conjunction with the American Physical Therapy Association’s NEXT Conference. The current health crisis has forced us to change how we acknowledge these champions of our mission. “We look forward to recognizing and celebrating these awardees for their dedication to the profession in the near future,” said Malm.

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