Become a Reviewer 

If you meet the Scientific Review Committee Selection Criteria and are interested in joining this all-volunteer committee and serving as a reviewer – or know of someone who could serve as an application reviewer- please email for more information.


  • Must hold a PhD or equivalent degree from an accredited university
  • Must have personal experience conducting research, as evidenced by a sustained publication record in refereed, peer-reviewed journals
  • Must have received extramural, peer-reviewed grants as a principal investigator
  • Experience reviewing grant proposals on an National Institutes of Health , National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Veterans’ Administration, or other national level funding organization study panel,such as the American Heart Association study panel is desirable
  • Expertise in content areas valuable to research such as the use of outcome measurement tools and instruments and quality of life evaluations is desirable.
  • Must have knowledge about the physical therapy profession as evidenced by APTA membership, active participation at national APTA meetings, a sustained record of service at the component level, or a history of collaboration with physical therapists.
  • Knowledge of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Research Agenda is preferable (The APTA agenda can be provided for those that may have limited knowledge).
  • Demonstrated commitment to support junior investigators in their development to become successful and independent researchers.
  • Must understand that SRC members are ineligible to apply for Foundation for Physical Therapy funding during their term of service.

Updated February 2016