40 Years of Research

The Foundation is celebrating a milestone that would not be possible without people like you.

Thank you. Your support, your journey, and your generosity have helped guide our story and strengthened the physical therapy profession. Mark this milestone with us. Share your story, make a gift, and help us shape the future through research.


“I can say with all certainty that without the Foundation’s support, I wouldn’t be able to do the type of work I do. My career is a direct result of the generosity of the Foundation’s donors.” Daniel K. White, PT, ScD, MSc, 2011 Foundation Geriatric Research Grant

“My daughters are now four years old and I know had it not been for an experimental device developed by physical therapist (PT) researchers, my daughter wouldn’t have overcome the motor issues she had in early infancy.” Parent of child assisted by Self-Initiated Prone Progressive Crawler Device, made possible through Foundation-funded research

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“As basic science research, such as molecular biology and transgenic mouse studies, are a rare pursuit in our profession, I was encouraged by the fact that the Foundation recognized the significance of this work in relation to rehabilitation and physical therapy. This forward-thinking mentality of the Foundation will undoubtedly lead to support of many more studies that leverage our understanding of molecular interactions to design novel therapeutic interventions for the benefit of our patients.”William R. Thompson, PT, DPT, PhD, Three-time Foundation Funding Recipient

“Physical therapy has been an intimate part of our family’s life. I believe that it is important to leave the profession and the professional organization better than you found it.”Fran Welk, PT, DPT, MEd, Foundation Legacy Society Member and Trustee

“Getting (a Foundation) award made me feel like my profession agreed with what my goals were in furthering my education and the type of research I wanted to pursue. It told me our profession valued cross-cultural research and better understanding of the causes of disparities in health care and interventions needed to address barriers to improved health.” Cheryl I. Kerfeld, PT, MS, PhD, 1999 Mary McMillan Doctoral Scholarship

Thank you for choosing to invest in physical therapy research in recognition of our 40th anniversary milestone year.

Our generous donors helped us raise $40,000 – the equivalent of one research grant – at our special 40th anniversary PT Party. DOUBLE their impact by helping us raise $40,000 through this Share Your Story campaign!

“Having been a physical therapist for almost 40 years, I truly believe in the value we offer to society,”Pamela A. Duffy, PT, PhD, FAPTA, Foundation Legacy Society Member

“If I hadn’t received the PODS II scholarships, I probably would’ve either had to quit my research projects for lack of funding, or I would’ve (gone) part-time, and this probably would’ve gone on for years. Foundation-funding has allowed me to fully commit to my research and progress in a timely manner. I am very grateful to the Foundation.”Bernadette Gillick, PT, MSPT, PhD, Two-time Foundation Funding Recipient