A Sailor’s Journey to Support PT Research

Foundation Trustee, Dr. Stanley Paris, will make his 3rd attempt to solo circumnavigate the globe at 80 years of age. In November he will set sail from St. Augustine, Florida and going by way of Bermuda to challenge the existing 150 day, 6 hour record. To date, over 90 people and organizations have donated to support his sail for PT research and will have their names or company logos listed on his boat the Kiwi Spirit II.

sponsors and Name Recognition!


Zoe Pearl Fetters
Sports Physical Therapy Association
Fran, Paul, and Jeff Welk


Carlynn Alt
Stephen E. Anderson
Susan Appling
Catriona and Stuart Binder-Macleod
Joe Black
Bill and Jill Boissonnault
Allie Bourassa
Yasmin Broomand Khoshbacht
Steven Chesbro
Churchill Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Cathy Ciolek
George B. Coggeshall, Jr. and Julie A. Starr
Ian J. Cole
Barbara Connolly
Brenda Davis
Heather Disney
Dream Maker II
Stacey Dusing
Robyn Watson Ellerbe
Carmen Elliott
Darryl Elliott
Ervin S. Euype
Edelle C. Field-Fote
Daniel Flowers
Tim & Sue Flynn
Todd Gifford
Jon and Kristen Greenwood
Jeanine Gunn and Tom DiAngelis
Laurie Hack and Jack Hershey
Steve Harada
Jill E. Heitzman
Paul Hildreth
Dwayne and Kara Hofstatter
Tom Houghtalen
Matt and Nan Hyland
James and Patty Irrgang
Mike and Leslie Irwin
Chris and Sheila Ivens
David E. Johnson
Kathy Kelly
Patricia M. King
Aimee Klein
Laurie Kontney
Kornelia Kulig
Deb Larsen
Jennifer Lesko
Elaine, Paul, Patrick, Peter, Elliott and Martin Lonnemann
Pete and Sheri Loubert
Michael Loughran
Dawn Magnusson
Barbara Malm and Jason Matteo
Chuck Martin
Ben F. Massey, Jr. and Darlene K. Sekerak
Matharu Family
Stephen McDavitt
Bruce McKnight
Peter and Kaarina McMenamin
David McMullan
Alan Meade
Debbie Miller
Marilyn E. Miller
Rodney A. Miyasaki
George S. Morris
Michael and Monica Mueller
Sandra and Kim Norby
Eva Norman
Catherine Paris
Alan Paris, Becky Paris, Tucker Paris
Nicholas Paris, Heidi Paris, Nicholas J. Paris, Teresa Paris, Luke Paris, Mathew Paris
Stan Paris
H. James Phillips, Jr.
Miriam Rafferty
Rick Rausch
Leslie and Dan Rendeiro
Cheryl Resnik
Zachary Rethorn
Paul and Judy Rockar
Mary Rodgers
Farr Rowe
Babette Sanders
Kip and Libby Schick
Julie Schwertfeger
Michael Scott
Karen Selig and Jack Merwin
Student Assembly Board
Bill Staples
Kathleen Swanick
John Tawfik
Brad Thuringer
Kristin Tudisco
University of St. Augustine – San Marcos
Michael L. Voight
Ford Vox
Stephanie Weyrauch
Pamela White
Duane A. and Alice Williams