What is the Foundation’s Federal Tax ID Number?
EIN: 13-6161225

Is the Foundation a non-profit organization?
Yes, the Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) Corporation.

Are there any Fundraising Policies I need to be aware of? Yes, please read them here.

Are donations tax deductible, and will I receive a receipt?
Yes, most donations made payable to the Foundation are tax-deductible and the donor will be mailed a tax receipt. In the cases where an individual mails a personal check comprised of funds raised through an activity or fundraiser, the individuals will receive a thank you note in lieu of a tax receipt as these donations are not eligible for tax-deductibility.

Will you promote my school’s fundraisers?
Yes, the Foundation can also help promote your fundraisers with:

  1. A letter of support to validate the authenticity of your event and it’s organizers
  2. Approving the use of our logo for your event
  3. Promoting your event on Foundation social media accounts

Can I organize a raffle or an auction to support the Challenge?
Regulations governing raffles and auctions differ from state to state. Please check with your State Attorney General’s office for your state regulations.

If I have further questions, who should I contact?
Contact the Foundation either by phone or email.
Phone: 800/875-1378
Email: MarquetteChallenge@foundation4pt.org