VCU Annual Golf Tournament

April 8th 2017 11:00am: Sunny skies, a pleasant breeze, the touch of spring in the air warming the remnants of winter away. This was the perfect day for golf, and on this day, in particular, marked the 12th year that VCU has hosted their annual golf tournament to raise money for the Foundation for Physical Therapy.

VCU students started preparing early in the school year, as it can take a lot of preparation to make golf tournaments a success. Months in advance, students reached out to local businesses for sponsorships. These sponsors are vital as their donations help to fund the event, allowing more funds to be raised for the Foundation.

As far as participants go, VCU welcomed people from all walks of life. They see it as a great way to meet and greet people in the community, as well as foster connections with local businesses who also have a desire to play. VCU even invited some special guests, the 50-year PT School alumni! Current students and alumni connected, while discussing trends in PT and how the school has changed.

The golf tournament had 14 teams, including students, professors, alumni, and local business professionals, and even some folks from Florida and New York! To keep things interesting students added “perks” that participants could purchase, to make the game more interesting. For instance, one of the perks (“Lob a Grenade”) allowed participants to throw a ball instead of hitting it with a club. This “perk” helps add a casual element to the game so it does not feel so competitive. Each “perk” purchased was added to the total funds raised for the Foundation!

For the guests who didn’t attend to golf, students provided an exquisite outdoor lunch buffet including BBQ sandwiches, chicken, mac & cheese, iced tea; the perfect combo for spring weather! As the golfers started their game, the other attendees could kick back and enjoy the weather.

At the end of the tournaments, students raffled off prizes including Nike golf bags, golf balls, backpacks, private wine tastings, gym club memberships, and more. Each raffle ticket also contributed additional funds raised to the Foundation. As the tournament came to a close, VCU raised nearly $4,000 for the Foundation for Physical Therapy! Students from VCU told us that raising funds for a worthy cause is a great reason to host an event but ensuring that your attendees also have a great time gives you extra satisfaction to continue hosting events. VCU students look forward to the 2018 annual golf tournament.