Fundraising with Team F4PT: Running for Research
Spring 2016

Dr. Scott Davis, Orthopaedic Section’s Board of Director member, has been a long­time passionate physical therapist. “I believe PT is a tremendous profession. We do so much for human kind [and yet] in order for us to do a good job as clinicians and teachers we need to have research.” It was this unyielding belief that led him to want to raise funds for the Foundation back in May by taking part in the 2016 Pittsburgh Marathon and running the full 26.2 miles.

In preparation, Dr. Davis set up a GoFundMe page with a simple ask of helping him support Physical Therapy research by donating to the Foundation! To get this endeav­or started, Dr. Davis donated $104.4 ($4/mile). Not a month into setting up his page, and he’d already surpassed his initial expectations of raising $1,500. With this, he decided to continue raising funds up until the date of the race.

The day of the race, Dr. Davis donned a customized shirt with his name and this message on the back: Run­ning to Support the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research. On the front it will read: Movement is Medicine, Physical Therapists Optimize Movement.

While the race was challenging, Dr. Davis finished in a little over six hours. He has expressed his desire to run the marathon again next year. In the end, Dr. Davis donated a total of $2,351 to the Foundation.

“Although there are lots of avenues for supporting research, the pinnacle in physical therapy is the Foundation for Physical Therapy.” Dr. Davis explained that it was a combination of his experience as past Research Chair of the Ortho Section and love for running that he wanted to take this occasion to highlight the Foundation.