Steve Tepper

Dr. Steve Tepper
Dr. Steve Tepper

Steve Tepper, PT, PhD has contributed selflessly to the Foundation through the works of his university career as an instructor.

In 1980, the administration at the University of Maryland offered Dr. Tepper a position to teach physical therapy while pursuing his PhD. Soon after, he was awarded a grant from the Foundation; it was after receiving that early-career funding that he felt the strong urge to start supporting the Foundation to help make funding opportunities available to other researchers.

In order to support the Foundation and it’s mission, Dr. Tepper began teaching physical therapy lectures nationwide in 2003. Presenting a special lecture each month, he encourages students to donate to the Foundation while equally matching the students’ donations.

Dr. Tepper continues to raise funds and match student contributions at his lectures, in the hopes that through evidence-based research, the healthcare industry will recognize the effectiveness of physical therapy and it will show that physical therapy is a more cost-effective option that ultimately benefits society by improving function.

Dr. Tepper remains enthusiastic to continue advocating on behalf of the Foundation. “It is the simple concept of ‘pay it forward’ that encourages me to continue to support the Foundation and inspire others to do so as well”.