Back to School! Connect with Faculty for the VCU-Marquette Challenge

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August means back to school for physical therapy students all over the United States. What better way to kick off new beginnings than by organizing a fundraiser for the VCU-Marquette Challenge? Organizing a fundraiser gives students the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and their dedication to philanthropy. Faculty support is key! Reach out to professors who can guide your planning and fundraising process.

Casey Burruss, SPT and Carlin Tettlebach, SPT from Virginia Commonwealth University know firsthand the importance of connecting with professors for the Marquette Challenge. “The VCU Physical Therapy faculty and program director, Dr. Mary Shall, were overwhelmingly supportive in our efforts; they were just as much a part of this process as us students,” they said. “They lectured in our continuing education courses, participated in our sporting events, and rallied behind us every step of the way. In particular Dr. Shawne Soper, our Marquette Challenge faculty advisor, poured her heart and soul into this Challenge with us and without her none of this would have been possible. Dr. Soper consistently going above and beyond to lend us her ears when we dreamt up ideas, shared our passion when we succeeded, and lifted us as we climbed.”

For more fundraising ideas check out the Foundation’s blog or keep in touch on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag #challenge4pt.

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