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Health services research is evidence we can use.
Now in year 7, the Foundation-funded Center on Health Services Training and Research (CoHSTAR) is building the evidence base to show the value of physical therapy services to patients, payers, and providers alike.
Funding for CoHSTAR was made possible with a $1 million gift from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), gifts from APTA components, and donations from physical therapists, foundations, and corporations with a shared passion for the field of physical therapy.
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CoHSTAR is funded with a 10-year Foundation for Physical Therapy Research (FPTR) grant of $3.75 million. The multi-institutional center is a collaboration between Brown University, Boston University, and University of Pittsburgh.
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CoHSTAR is training physical therapist scientists in order to dramatically increase and improve physical therapy health services research capacity. CoHSTAR offers postdoctoral fellowships, hosts visiting scientists, and provides special summer training sessions.
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Year 7:CoHSTAR's Ongoing Success
One of CoHSTAR’s initial goals was to develop and build a health services research infrastructure that would lead to external funding and collaborations

Its largest award to-date — a 5-year, $5.5 million NIH grant — went to CoHSTAR’s PI, Dr. Resnik, to create the Learning Health Systems Rehabilitation Research Network (LeaRRn), a national resource network to advance stakeholder-partnered, rehabilitation learning health systems (LHS) research to improve quality of care, demonstrate value, and enhance patient and system outcomes.
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CoHSTAR Builds Momentum With Institutes & Workshops
The Center of Health Services Training and Research (CoHSTAR) was quick to adapt to the many challenges of 2020. CoHSTAR continued the momentum of the popular health services research annual institutes and workshops by pivoting to a virtual format.
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CoHSTAR Sustainability
When CoHSTAR was established in 2015, one of its goals was to build a sustainable, long-term capacity for physical therapy health services and health policy research training. Thanks to the continued success of CoHSTAR awardees, it is building on its work with the help of large external grants and awards.

CoHSTAR-funded researchers have published or submitted for publication nearly 100 research articles.

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Meet some of the CoHSTAR researchers and hear about the impact of CoHSTAR in their own words.

Peter Coyle, PT, DPT, PhD

Peter Coyle, PT, DPT, PhD, originally joined CoHSTAR in 2017 as a postdoctoral fellow, where he focused on age-related mobility loss and community-based exercise programs.
Coyle is once again beginning a second fellowship with CoHSTAR in Fall 2021.

Joshua K. Johnson PT, DPT, PhD

FPTR continues to prepare researchers to pursue external funding and growth. Joshua K. Johnson PT, DPT, PhD, is one of many FPTR alumni receiving training and support in health services research. Johnson is a two-time FPTR award recipient and is now a CoHSTAR Pilot Study Award recipient.

Chris Yun Lane, PT, DPT

Chris Yun Lane, PT, DPT, was selected for to receive CoHSTAR's newly developed diversity-targeted, mentored predoctoral summer research opportunity. He will work with Dr. Shireman to examine disparities in health services outcomes for adults with rheumatoid arthritis.

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Since 2015, CoHSTAR has yielded 211 peer-reviewed publications and 208 research abstracts presented and 35 invited presentations.

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In its seven years, CoHSTAR has funded and trained 38 researchers in HSR. This number is expected to greatly increase by the end of the grant period.


Thank you.

This work would not have been possible without the support of individuals and organizations with a shared passion for the profession.